Who ever abuses boosting strats should be suspended

Even though there have been numerous cheesy strats over the years this is probably the worst of them all. You don't need any particular skill or anything you just need the correct picks and to farm 2 lanes to form a hyper carry at 15 mins.This is clearly not intentional to have 2 mid laners such as Nunu Karthis and Taric Master Yi or Taric Kai'sa etc etc. The worst part of it is that it's been like this since the jungle changes back in 8.10 but as soon as it sees pro play (which is not real league of legends so Riot please stop balancing around pro play) it's getting fixed.There is this argument that you can just ban them but then you leave open a lot of champions that even though are not as strong as the boosting strats they aren't really fun to play against in lane and in game champions like that are Lucian,Vladimir,Leblanc,Talon and many more. So I'd like to discuss with everyone that happens to see this why shouldn't they get punished for abusing such things when it's clearly bad for the game in general.
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