Same shit different game

On a regular basis I have games where any impact I can is irrelevant. It feels there's no point playing ranked anymore. In my last 10 games I have won twice, and those 2 games I've hard carried. The other 8 I have done well, you know get a bit fed early try to get lanes ahead, objectives you know normal shit. My team seem to always lose their lane more often than not regardless of what impact I can have from the jungle. This also applies to about 75% of games I've had this season, it's a complete joke. I get that it's low elo and players are not that great but why do I always receive the team mates who are clearly so much worse than the enemies. There is no competition, you can argue that I should be carrying but I'm sorry if enemies are fed I can't help by being oneshot by more or less anything, and when it's ADC's or point click champions there's no outplaying to be done. I'm fucking screwing at the moment, there is no impact I can possibly have, I can get fed, I can get team mates get fed but the outcome is inevitable in a majority of games. I have friends who are much worse than I am who casually climb so easily, I look at their match history and they're getting carried so often. Why does this never happen to me? Why am I the one person who has to effect the outcome of a game. Give me these people who can actually contribute to winning, not people who just get wrecked in lane and lose the games for me. Seriously da fuck am I supposed to do?
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