I just played Sej top...

And I realized... (Context: Sej just got reworked. Her passive now gives her an INSANE amount of resistances (Doubles your armor/MR, and adds 100 each on top of it. You literally get ~200 armor & MR level 1) and slow immunity after not taking damage from champs for a few sec, lingering for a brief duration after being damaged by a champ). Firstly, it's so easy to win trades with her in lane right now. Her passive basically functions like Malph's passive in lane now, and her freeze mechanic absolutely destroys any tanky top lane (since the damage scales with enemy maxHP%). Secondly, Iceborn Gauntlet's AoE range *scales with **Armor***. If you rush this and Ninja Tabi as first 2 items, then coupled with passive you'll have 500 armor with just these two items. That makes for a fully-charged-Anivia-ult-sized AoE slow with just 2 armor items. Hmm this seems strong XD
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