Bluiser Nidalee?

DId anyone ever try a blue bruiser Nidalee? Bluiser Nidalee? {{item:3043}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3102}} Strong take down even without hitting the spear, hard to itemize against because of Sheen and Muramana procs. Better at teamfighting and dueling enemy squishies. Stronger auto attacks to make use of your E and you can tank to a certain extent. This build kinda eliminates Nidaless weakness against AD bruiser champions or assassins that would try to jump on you and beat you up. With this build you don't need to run. I had a hard early game vs a Yasuo when i tried this on top lane but when i had Muramana and Triforce + some armor it really started to work out and i made a comeback. The enemy VI totally thought she could just Q on me while i was full health and she was half. She did almost no damage and got executed by me. This build really has an interesting surprise effect to it. Got an S rating in the end.
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