Lissandra's new Bio

Lissandra old Bio was my favourite one. Until Riot decided to give up. Everyone knows Lissandra loved the watchers and was their most loyal servant. She was a really strong character who waited over a thousand years trying to find as many clues as possible to bring them back. But now? Now she was their servant but no she didn't to follow their orders to rule the world in void ( I cant find the words since Im so pissed off ) so she follows hers sisters and make their own army. Then she betrays them ( Hello? Logic? ) then she seales the watchers by herself. They even made a video about her story with the watchers. Even after arams ( when you win ) you can hear her talk about what happened and how she had revenge from Averosa who sealed the watchers. Literally from 100 to 0. Not only Riot cant even balance the game they had to ruin the lore too. So disappointed.
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