Is mmr too powerful? A serious discussion

First off, let me say this is not I whine thread, I really want to discuss if the current mmr system is too powerful and a statement by riot on this post would be really nice. Alright, the main reason I'm writing this post are two ranked games I played recently. The first one was a 10/0/9 Pantheon game where I won the lane, then roamed to help teammates and we ended up winning. I'll gladly say that I was the main reason or at least a big factor as to why we won that game. This game gave me 11 league points. The next game I played was as cait and after doing a series of really bad plays (by me and by my team) we lost. I lost 25 lp from that game. So I lost more than twice of what I had gained from the previous game even if I had contributed to the previous victory far more than to the following loss. This is incredibly frustrating and feels like no matter how well I play I won't really climb. I can imagine some of you will have experienced this too at some point of playing LoL. Now, as I said this should not be a whining thread, so I tried to figure out why I am getting these ratings. On your website it says "the perceived difficutly of the match" determines how much lp players gain or lose. In this case I don't know how that was true, my team's average was diamond 3,4 vs diamond 3,2 so just based on that you could say they were favored, still I lost a ton of points. Since this doesn't make sense my next point of thought was "ok, all these challenger players really sick winrates with around 50 to 100 more games won than they lost. So maybe the system is saying if I want to climb I need a winrate like that". This is the main problem though, I have NO IDEA if this is the case, nor what my mmr is. That means I don't know what to do to improve it. If I feed in a game I can analyse my mistakes and then play a little bit better in the next one, with the mmr system I have to keep playing in hopes that at some point I gain some decent lp again. Interestingly, all of this that wouldn't matter though if the mmr couldn't decide wether I gain 10 or 30+ points! My solution would be to narrow down the margin in which the mmr can give you lp, because right now my games feel more like I'm battling the mmr system than the enemy team. So my question to riot: How do you justify the mmr system and do you think it is fair to give an algorithm that much power in "determining" the skill level of a player? What do you think of a narrower margin for lp? (between 10-20 per game for example) and can you tell us at least so some extent how the mmr works? p.s I understand that the two games I've played aren't really a solid basis to critisize the lp system off of, but I have had situations in the past where I was stuck at a certain elo due to the system and didn't know what to do and I have also spoken to a lot of players who have had even worse experiences with it ( gain 10 points, lose 25-30) Give me your opinions in the comments, I would really like to know what the community thinks of this!
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