Another Yi skin?

Okay now, I'm a Yi player, I love his lore and he's fun to play (Don't blame me, I like feeling powerful). But with his (fairly recent) skins like PROJECT (3 years old, but it counts). cosmic guardian, and eternal blade...Why is he getting another one for Snowdown? I'm not complaining too much, like, hey, my boy's getting a light hearted skin, fun! But I kind of wish they gave the skin to a character who deserves another skin after all this time. Like...Aurelion sol recently got a skin, but a snowdown skin would look great on him, and also be fair because after all this time he only has two. Or maybe a nice Jayce skin! He's been here for a long time aswell with very little skins. And Ivern! Poor guy, he'd fit so well into the snowdown skinline. What about Kindred? Lissandra? Mordekaiser? Pantheon? Nocturne (Can you imagine that?)? Ornn? Tahm Kench? Volibear? Riot! Give the other champions some love, too!
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