Increase In Toxic Players

In my last (roughly) 10 days, playing a game a day I have experienced more hostile teamates than I can remember from my whole ranked season last year. I'm not sure if it is the stress of the race for gold in my ELO but everyone is pretty much a ticking time bomb. I have had to result in muting everyone in my team (which I really hate doing) and destroying the communication between me and my team. For example in my most recent match our Thresh disconnected and then my Malz started spouting out rubbish about the game being lost at around 5 minutes. My Volibear (seemed like a nice fellow mind you) disagreed with him, causing a large scale cap-locked conversation between the two. Malzahar ended the game with a few basic items and ulting people whenever they came close. Why must my ranked games be toxic, I just want to play.
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