Fizz And the hourglass

{{champion:105}} {{item:3157}} {{summoner:4}} + her playful trickster. Can i ask why u have made such a hard catch delete her invulnerability from playful trickster or take the damage out i prefer the invulnerability to be removed since how can fish's become invulnerable? Do one of you go fishing and when you go to catch it, does it shoot other fish at you? Or jump above u making you be able to grab your cup from below but not the fish from above? Okay what i said is kind of stupid but even so that champion with items like {{item:3157}} it's just ridiculous to go against. P.S Or make your next champion with a harpoon kind of like {{champion:111}} which pulls it down and anyone who think they can fly and be invulnerable even if it is for a short time adding {{item:3157}} on it just makes it even more {{summoner:3}} by the time it is over i would have{{summoner:11}} {{summoner:14}} by other enemies then {{champion:105}} would have just {{summoner:4}}{{summoner:11}} {{summoner:14}} my team while their team are just celebrating eating drinking{{summoner:30}} doing nothing but fizz is taking on all 5 of us because she is so balanced and fair with her {{item:3157}} and all of it's {{summoner:14}}
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