More i climb more i find bad players

What i mean is that when i got placed in silver people were pretty bad but they did follow my lead my words my %%%%ing pings.The big problem is like now in plat its like im talking with bots.I say dont get caught they dont listen..Dont follow more then that and they all think they pros and wanna go 1v5.Its really hurt to know that people from plat are worst then silvers..I dunno how to deal with them.Whats the point on telling them something if they dont listen..more i climb more idiots i find.How the heck they succed on climbing..I dont mind youre bad but at least listen to the carry..even if is me or someone else. How can i make them listen??i dont flame i just say plz play safe etc etc.. nada.How can i make them listen to me just how..
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