ARAM - Dodging/Champion pool

Was thinking, is there any possibility that whoever dodges ARAM games could get another type of penalty? If you dodge: - Penalty time 30 minutes [Was it 15 minutes at the moment?] - You lose 1 roll - You can not swap champions next game - Rolls fill up slower [or not at all] for the next 3 games [I guess that's enough] 15 minutes is nothing.. what I guess they usually do is just, "let me see what can I get.." and then bail because you won't lose LP nor have to wait long. That is not a real punishment that would stop such behavior so please think of something q.q ----------------- Also, why the hell are not all champions unlocked? What better could be than to have all of the champions unlocked and then you get a random one.. Might be just the one you wanted to try out? Could be epic!

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