No way to stop a vayne.

Everyone knows vayne as the tank shredding adc. But it has gone too far. When a sion build literally full armour. and a vayne can still just kill him just as easy what are tanks supposed to do. Mobile enough to avoid any cc. Heal so much that no one can trade. Can just go stealth and stun you whenever they want. And even if i am at full health with over 400 armour i still get shredded. I know she is supposed to be a tank kill but that takes it too far. You should always have at least a chance or some way to negate some of the damage but when you litrally get the max armor you can and she still kills you in under 2 seconds what the hell do you expect us to do. What is everyone else's thoughts about vayne. Forces tanks to build a particular way or just makes an entire part of a team completely useless. A full fed vayne can turn 5v5 into a 5v3 by just being there to be able to negate any tanks. The only thing that can fight vayne is another adc and normally vayne wins because she has cc which few adcs have. What do you think.
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