I really like the concept of the looting system, I just sat here with my friends and we talked about our skin shards and that I could need his shards and he could need mine, is there any possibility , that kind of a trading system for the shards would come to league? I mean just the champion shards, otherwise it is probably going to end like CS:GO trading , that people hunt for skin shards and sell them online or something. Just something you can do with friends. Maybe something like this: You can only trade Championshards with a friend, that you have atleast 2 weeks in your friends list (i believe you could only gift friends with whom you have been befriended for at least 2 weeks. Well that was probably a couple of years ago, haven't giftet any new friends) And if it won't come to league, could anyone give me the reasons, so I can understand, because I think many players would kinda like that
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