The League of Legends experience so far...

Hey guys i am new to this game and i just want to share my experience so far.... First of all champions are completely unbalanced like Yasuo with 10 dashes 10 shields 100% crits and 1 ulti kill and all that without mana is tarded. Also tarded is pyke, i pull you i stun you and i disappear just like that and ofc ulti and kill. Morde is also broken after the rework. There are way more unbalanced champions i wont go further. The matchmaking system feels rigged...I only get troll teams full of 10 year olds going straight forward feeding and asking for reports... If they troll report you, you even get banned.... I met some ppl ingame and they all agree that matchmaking only works for paying customers while everybody else get trolled. Really Riot? All you care about is milking money from the players?
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