Kleptomancy might be a bit strong, but it's a damn brilliant secret good habit trainer

I'm slightly concerned about the rune since I think its a little strong on some champs like Ez and Gp since they proc it very easily, but on the other hand, they're kind of reliant on early power spikes/ getting items before everyone else to be relevant in the mid-late game. However, I really think solo laners should try it out for a while if a champ allows it. This is because compared to other auto reliant masteries/runes in the past, it's very good at encouraging you to slip in quick autos since you get a better reward beyond "their hp went down, and mine went up slightly. A lot of the time if lane isn't going well/ a bad match-up early on, I become really passive in lane trading, preferring to farm until item spikes with some roaming if I can push a wave in while they back. This mastery though encourages you to look for safe chances to auto to establish some presence in lane. tl;dr while the rewards might be too strong, it encourages trading in lane and to not be a lil %%%%% like me
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