Yasuo's lines - cringe?

I've recently come to realize just why I don't like playing Yas at all. He's fun as hell, that thing's for sure. His concept isn't anything extraordinary, but it's not bat either. The thing is, in my opinion, that he suffers from the same malady that, for example, Malphite does. Which is... his lines. I just can't stand his babbling, lol. Among the worst there would be: "Death is like the wind - always by my side" - this analogy barely makes any sense. So the wind and death follow him the same? Wow. Cool. Sounds stupid af. "It's just death. Nothing serious." - epitome of cringe, no commentary needed. "Kill me? You can try." - again, no commentary needed. Sounds like a wannabe badass from a Jetix XD cartoon. "One blade, one purpose." - oh-so-deep-a-meaning. "Follow the wind, but watch your back." - excuse me... what. "Just looking for a road home." - so, Yas, you never could stay in one place, you're a wanderer as you yourself admit, but you're looking for a road home to settle down. Makes sense. "Honor is in the heart, not the name." - but... you just said your honor left a long time ago, no? "Hmph... dying's the easy part." - is that supposed to be a quasi-nihilist maxim or something? Cause' it sounds as if a Rioter in charge if this champ's development fell on his backside while trying to solve crosswords. "There is only death... mine, or yours!" - again, deep and bottomless. There are some good ones, yes, such as: "Wuju? No, I wouldn't." or "Nice... sword... boots?" which crack me up every time I get to taunt Yi who I consider even more infantile. But overall? Don't you think Yasuo's "personality" is a bit childish and edgy?
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