Yi gotta be nerfed

So I was playing ranked game and everything was awesome nobody was feeding and we took 1st blood and I realy had a feeling that we might win.It passed 20-30 minutes and Master Yi gets triple kill.I was like:Ok that won't happen again we gotta focus that Yi.Then he bought PD and guess what happen? QUADRA KILL!!! (we lost that game). My point is: How the hell is this possible?.I understand that champions like Yasuo are strong,but Yasuo is difficult to play,and Master is easy champ.When he ults nobody can stop him.Yeah sure there are stuns and snares,but how can I land snare if he's just Alpha Strike everything.When he's 40% CDR just Alpha Strike everything,and worst part is that this Yi didn't even bulid CDR.He just auto attack few times and here we go another Alpha Strike.When I want to land Morgana's ult he's just Alpha Stike!!!!!.I'm just sick of this champ,he is worst than Teemo.Jk nothing is worse than Teemo,but I think I made my point.
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