Gamebreaking hacks - [DISCUSSION]

Yasuo perfect Wind Wall hack
This is a video to show a hack that works for Yasuo, which makes him instantly use wind wall against several spells. I apologize for the sound quality.
_This is my experience, if you disagree with my statements, I fully understand the fact that he could be "legit", therefore I will reply to any replies without ANY kind of concrete evidence against this being not true. _ **This happened** In one of my last games I encountered a Yasuo {{champion:157}} , playing incredibly well. He used "Wind Block" on all of my Q's and E's (I was playing Ahri in mid aswell), and I was pretty impressed with his reaction time, of course until I thought about it being, just about blatantly hacking. He was consistently using "Wind Block" when the Q's or E's got into his range, never using it with my auto-attacks. So I confronted him with my suspiciousness, and suddenly he never used windblocker. After he didn't reply, I just turned back to the normal mid push and funnily enough, now he mainly used it randomly, to be quite exact; when I didn't fire any Q's and E's which then raised my suspiciousness even more, because he only used it before when I alone used my Q or E. So I of course tried to google this issue, starting with > Yasuo "Wind Block" script []( And found a video with a guy having the same experience as me. I don't know why the video is disliked this much, because he draws up some solid points on why this is indeed a hack. In the end you can't trick him into using the "Wind Block", because it only gets activated by using a Q/E. As of what you can do, the only way to counter this is with a melee champ. **The discussion** Have anyone else been experiencing a similar confrontation, if so were you able to ever hit him(at some point) with a Q/E? Do you think Riot can counter this in any way? //Creds to "TheTogarda"
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