Pathetic reasons to get chat restricted • Share your own story

**•THIS IS A FUN THREAD, HARSH COMMENTS ARE NOT NECESSARY. IT'S JUST LIKE STORY TIME, I SHARE MY STORY AND YOU SHARE YOURS, SO PLEASE, SHARE YOURS :D •** _(Also, this **ISN'T** a complaining thread)_. So, we all most of the time get matched with premades who end up taking a Ziggs and Heimer ( or whatever ) on botlane. First of all, I never really comment on any player's play style because I'd find it offensive if someone comments on how bad I play but I always do ask them if they're willing to troll and if their answer is yes then I threaten to report them because I've joined a game to have fun and not end up with some players who like to troll. But we all mostly know if we report premades then you get reported either 2,3 or 4 times in one game = banned :) If I'm jungling on the red side but botlane doesn't help me with jungling (which happened way too many times) I end up not giving them a single gank because help = get helped, am I right? But no I end up getting reported for refusing to communicate with my team = banned. You've been getting flamed and they wish your whole family dies of cancer throughout the whole game for just one mistake and when you ask them to kindly stop and they don't so you threaten to report them and they still go on so you call them "Idiotic flames" and end up getting reported for insulting = get banned.{{champion:32}} Asking my ADC if he could talk less and CS more is apparently calling him unskilled and not very professional at his lane so I end up getting reported when you still meant no harm (Keep in mind you're a support who relies on your ADC for gold). So I haven't played for 2 days and I log on and I'm chat restricted for 75 games because I was playing with Annie and a Katarina said to me "lol low Ello" "aha no lifer" and "Annie noob champ" and I only replied to her with "Says the Katarina" and that's such a negative attitude like my mum in no way taught me manners. I got chat banned. Has anyone been banned for no reason or for pathetic reasons before? or it it only me?
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