Redemption. Really riot?

Now i never write on the Forums even tho a lot really annoys me. But this one thing out of the many things added to game i don't understand how anybody could think that it is a good idea what in the world is this bs. There is a reason why a champion has skills in his kit that others don't have. (at least there should be) Now i'm cool with the true damage it does. Even tho it makes no sense as if you lost the fight you should have lost it no matter what. I'm cool with that. It's not much and in 90% of the cases totally useless. But the heal... Really? Now i can only speak for ARAM as i don't play with those "people" in normals but this is really breaking the game for me. Even without the heal it would be an ok choice. Not great but ok. Now i don't know if i'm alone with this and i really don't care it's just bothering me how they take stuff that belongs in 1 or a few champions kits and give it to all of them. If you want to heal as support just pick a damn healer. And don't go with Annie and get an almost soraka ult for free. That's complete nonsense. Almost as much nonsense as the sheer existence of shaco. (couldn't resist that champ just belongs in the trashcan and so do those "mains") You don't have a game without this reflection of stupidity. It feels like they're trying to put as much stuff into the game as possible even if it doesn't fit or make any sense at all. *rant off*

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