My nerf / Buff list

Nerfs {{champion:523}} This champion is too overloaded and overpowerd. his Ult can litterly one shot multiple targets and his firegun is way too strong {{champion:53}} Ever since his hook range buff Blitz become a godlike support champion his hookrange should be down by 50 {{champion:131}} Her recent rework make her too strong if u ask me. Id say tune down her tankyness {{champion:105}} Fizz is god tier for a very long time he is like diana also pretty tanky duo passive but he also deals insane amount of damage it would be nice if fizz would be easier to kill {{champion:82}} the new conqueror made him so broken Buff {{champion:1}} Annie is pretty weak without her ultimate. all her basic abilties are not strong id say lower her E cooldown and give her bettter AP scaling on basic abilities at lv 7 her Q deals damage her W almost nothing her E nothign and her ult is alright {{champion:350}} Yuumi has been overnerfed allot id say buff her Q slow duration and slow so the ability feels useless. now it deals a little bit of damage and thats it {{champion:517}} Sylas has been death for a long time. he needs some better scaling {{champion:246}} Qiyana has been a problem champ i know. i myself love to play her but i find her scaling so bad she needs to make perfect plays to not become useless in the later game. but maybe her W damage and attack speed should be better at later ranks so it doesnt affect her early game that much {{champion:427}} Ivern is pretty weak in his current state. Junglers wants to clear dragons but ivern cant clear dragons because he deals 0 damage but a buff for ivern should be to his ultimate daisy. Daisy is oke at rank 1 but only at rank 1 because Daisy scaling is so bad even if u build ap it wont matter cuz it scales so bad. Daisy should be faster stronger and tankier otherwise enemy adc just lifesteals of it {{champion:429}} Kalista needs a rework new ultimate new passive new W she is too clumpsi scales bad and just unfixable {{champion:126}} Jayce has been overnerfed and should be revived but his buffs should be in scaling not in early game {{champion:76}} Nidalee has been death for years her scaling also suck hard {{champion:113}} Sejuini overnerfed and needs her damage back to clear jungle camps
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