A new champion suggestion

- Swain's brother - Looks something like Viserys from Game of Thrones - Wields a Flamberge (sword with a wavy blade) - Slim and has knight vibes - Sexy and edgy like Kayn I haven't thought of decent abilities yet, but I really would like to see a dude, who is thin, has long hair resting on his back and has normal sized great sword. Yes, we have Garen, Fiora and Aatrox as swordsmen fighters/tanks, but I'd really want to see a mix of these champions, because they're so stereotypical individuals between who the Fiora is the real musketeer.. Garen the beyblade, Darius(non swordsman but whatever) HULK SMASH, Aatrox the slammer. They have their signature moves but they are not THE swordsmen. I think a champ, grumpy like Swain, a knight with a never seen sword in LoL Flamberge, white hair, Visery's voice, sick cutting moves, demonic vibes would be sick and badass and whole new expierence to players. P.S rito we had fricking enough of this female champion spam
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