Oneshot Everyone, as Everyone.

Hiya boyz and grills, First of all, I am a league player since season 1. I have seen the game go through thousands of changes and followed every step of the way. I once was Diamond V but thats the highest ive ever been and ever will be xD. So, today I played a few games, after I had taken a break from the game of a few months, and there was something I realised. The reason I took the break in the first place was because i just didnt enjoy playing anymore. I didnt know the reasons for it but the game kept tilting me, so i knew it was time to stop. **now, in these games of today, it became clear. Why do i not enjoy my favorite game of alltime anymore? ** for one, the game has gone onto a path thats not my taste, hence the title of this post. 90% of the league cast is overloaded. its either too tanky, too mobile, too much damage, (and that is the biggest problem). nearly every champion is able to oneshot another. this is not fun guys, at least to me. if i take my last game for example. Leblanc(me) could oneshot the enemy. rengar, twitch, gangplank, lucian, pyke and zoe. thats 7 out of 10 champs in that mach, who could all oneshot eachother. you could argue that thats the ultimate display of skill, but its not. its just waiting for a teeny tiny mistake from anyone and things go south real quik, with barely any counterplay. (looking at you rengar.) The second reason is something you might hear alot, and its: change for the sake of change. you would think and hope that at some point in time, the game would settle down, be in its right place. But no, it never will be, because changes are made just for the sake of changing, and not because we need it. Also, reworks are something that really bother me. in season 2 i started playing evelynn. she was %%%%ing amazing to me, my all time main. then she got a small rework. I hated it at first, then grew to like it. i kept maining her throuout the seasons, got familliar with the millions of builds she could utilise and put all my effort in learning how to be better with her. Untill she got reworked again. Still, she stayed my main, still she was fun, but it wasnt evelynn. the only thing that reminds us of the old evelynn, is her having stealth, and being pink/purple/blue themed. I could give more examples, with Karma and LB being the main ones, but then it will become too much to read xd What I would like to become clear to Riot is the following: Stop changing because you want to change, stop reworks that are so vastly different from the original they are not recognizable, because this is devastating for the fans and long time players of these champs. And last but not least, lower dmg on all champions, let them be less overloaded. let the fights be longer, more intense, with more skill and outplay potential. let is be a fast paced game of chess, and not a computer virus removal program with 1 click of the button to delete the other. This was my Rant, and I hope y'all have a great day! {{item:3070}} {{champion:28}}{{item:3070}} {{champion:55}}{{item:3070}} {{champion:7}} {{item:3070}} {{champion:43}} {{item:3070}}
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