About Skarner.

Hi,I m a 1.2M skarner otp and i would like to know at least a little bit about what riot thinks about this champion.During the last couple of patches I haven t seen any changes.I don t know what to belive.These new runes aren t very usefull for skarner,there isn t a combination that fits him well.I personally can play him at the same level with dark harvest,lethal tempo,press the atack,predator or aftershock,not because i m good,becasue it s almost no difference. Overall,skarner is pretty weak right now so i m force to play him full tank every game so this isn t what i really want.Skarner is Juggernaut,not a maokai.I m still having fun playing him,but i feel like something is missing. I love skarner for his mechanix and his tricks.Almost no one knows how to defeat a skarner(if the skarner player knows what he is doing). All I want is to receive some infotmation from a rioter(just a few words).I really want to know the future plans for skarner.I dont think i m asking for too much. I hope you understand me and I hope that someone will answear.Thanks. Btw,I played over 3000 skarner games,and i m still not bored <3 Sorry for grammar or spelling.
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