As a Singed/Sona main need advice what champs should i main next

Hello! I have 106 champions already but i'm a casual player and often have only time/mood for a couple of quick aram games to get the first win of the day reward. I had more time to play in the past. I want to start playing ranked more often but i just don't know what champs should i learn next. I have many champions i like to play with (and i think i can play good with them) but most of them are for mid. For top and support i have only Singed and Sona with whom i'm confident enough to play them even in ranked. **Could you suggest some other top and support champs that are somewhat easy to learn?** Something that is good enough to reach gold with it. **Plus could you suggest some good junglers to learn the role?** I can't jungle at all :( (I was in silver last season but had very few ranked matches.)
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