Ivern not rewarded for taking Krugs

So i've been playing Ivern recently and i realised something. When u take the krug camp with Ivern you only get gold and xp for the big and the medium krug that stand there and misses the reward for clearing the small ones, which feels very unfair and unrewarding for taking it or stealing it, as you lose about 60-70% of the camp value. I havent been able to find any info about this so, does anyone know if this is a bug? or is it an intended mechanic because Ivern can take very fast a camp that is supposed to take some time investment? Becuse it feels really punishing as Ivern's clear speed scales pretty slow compared to the rest of junglers and i feel like i play with 3 camps in my jungle with such a reward and positioning, taking into account that ivern has to get there twice if he doesnt want to use smite.
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