another reason why a lot of players, especially high elo players might quit this game

pretty much the whole second half or so of the last season was dominated by junglers. if your jungler does well youre likely going to win, if hes bad youre likely going to lose. junglers got more gold and xp than they did before. and their build paths got a lot smoother and more efficient as well. now junglers got yet another buff, getting more gold from single camps, a faster level 3 and more opportunities to gank because of it. for now basically the whole game revolves around the jungler. always be careful when you dont know where he his. always play defensive. and 1v1ing nearly isnt even possible in lane for now. either get a gank from your jungler or get ganked by the enemies. good junglers get freelo atm while all the laners, especially the solo laners just want to kill themselves. season 7 has simply gotten even worse in this aspect. and as long as it remains this way im going to quit this game. and now dont tell me to ward since you simply cannot ward 3 spots at the same time 24/7. or if theres a hecarim or rammus in the enemy team who dont even have to care about wards since they get in your face no matter how many wards youve put down. ive asked several other diamond 3-master elo friends of mine and they all said the same. lets see if riots gonna notice this.....i hope so at least since the game was really fun before.....
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