Where did the assasians go?

Is it just me, or are assasians becoming irrelevant in league as a whole? When bruicers became the big thing, assasians fell behind as the bruicers had the same dmg, but introduced good cc aswell as tank stats. Their dmg was also AOE, assasians became useless compaired to a riven mid for instance. However riot fixed that problem by buffing up the assasians to a godlike level. After a few adjustments the game felt balanced. Assiasians killed mages and adcs, adcs killed off bruicers, and bruicers dealt with the assiasians. Recently we have seen a spike in mages like cass, that can straight outdamage anything that comes in their path, they deal more dmg than assasians, have better cc than bruicers, have better aoe than bruicers, better sustain than anyone. When the game has so many champs that can straightout outdamage every assasian while offering more at the table, the assasian role is going to die out, like how it has been for the end of the season. The only assasians that stay relevant, are the aassians in the jungle, that doesnt get punished by their laning phase against a mage. I know how frusterating for an ADC to get one-shot by an assasian is, but in the current state of the game, adcs can almost freeroam without worrying of an assasian lurking in the shadows, instead they are worrying about dodging all the skillshots an ahri, zoe or neeko can throw out. What do you think is more frustrating; an assasian who lands his whole flashy combo, and kills you. You look back and think about how you could have outplayed him. Or a zoe that that lands a single spell from the fog of war that oneshots you. Should the assasian-role stay relevant in the future? If so, how can we save it?
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