After playing my S3 "smurf" and P2 on EUNE: No difference, it's all just luck.

It's all just luck. Skill doesn't matter at all. Even when I was winning on my play main, I knew it was because we didn't have shitters on bot lane, yet, check my last 2 games: The same troll, 2 games in a row: That Jinx went 0-9 in each of the games. Now, I'm in G1 and lost my promos and I will be demoting to ~G5 in the upcoming 30-40 games, all due to luck. I dodged my third game, they had LB / Ez / Lulu / Darius top. Zero chance. Just venting, this game is impossible to carry unless you're master tier, since you at least know that you can rely on team mates there. All just luck.
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