[NEED HELP] When solo queuing low elo ranked games, should you play early game or late game champs?

So for a few months now i have just been in normale mods, trying out new champs and builds and general speaking just having fun in lol Now i'm not much for competitive at all, as a matter of fact i couldn't care less if i was bronze or challenger,but i do get tired of the INSANE amount of ragequiter/afk/trolls in low elo, which i am in. So im gonna climb a little elo as i can imagine the higher elo you get in the less ragequiters and trolls since people tend to be more competitive around gold/plat elo So i decided to gear up for ranked grinding soon and need some help with my soloque picks The first thing i have noticed is that in low elo, people have extremely weak early game, they dont ward, they overextend, they play too risky and so on, so i thought in that case i should pick a early game jungler and destroy the enemy early, BUT even if i did succeed and get feed, as a early game champ i would have to rely on my teammates not messing up in the late game, so then i thought maybe i should instead do a strong lategame champ toplaner and cross my fingers that my team dont mess up the early game So in your opinion what is safer to focus on early or late game when solo queuing low elo ranked :) thanks you for taking your time to help and remember no rankism is allowed when replying!

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