In-Game Damage Dealt is misleading, or am I Blind?!?

Hello guys I'm a Eune Player who mains Sion with almost 300,000 points I play him 95% of my games, going top usually. I build him full tank mostly and the only damage Items I build on him are {{item:3068}} and {{item:3075}} (sometimes {{item:3742}} when I feel the need to) and those are tank damage items and not actually that damaging. I deal a decent damage in teamfights and in the early game, but noway near all other roles like ADC's Mages Assassins and Bruisers. Even Malphite as a full tank feels like someone who can dish so damage out way more than I could.....BUT, then the end game screen pops out, and no matter what happened in the game, what I felt like is nothing like what those statistics showing me every time and time again. I ALWAYS DEAL THE MOST DAMAGE TO CHAMPIONS, how is that even possible (between 25k to 75k every game) I really don't get it, I deal 20k more damage then the one below me (who is usually an ADC or a fed, damage dealer champion with 10+ kills like {{champion:157}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:4}} etc....) and that's just insane. In-game I feel like no damage is dealt to champions, and afterwards My mind blows when I see what I brought to the table. Can someone elaborate on that matter? cuz I'm really lost here (maybe a bug but for so many games I just doubt that)
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