Aatrox after 9.9

Dont want to be long coz bad knowledge of english. After 9.9 patch deleted rebirth. What an unique feature char have now? What for i should pick him instead Darius or Olaf for example? (Now starts subjective opinion) lane phase is good but in teamfights(especially lategame) he needs insane many time to land his only one skill which can deal some impact (Q, ofc)and if u get lucky and hit two targets with 2 q's what it brings? 0,5 sec knocked up and near 1000 damage(and even this requires pretty big efforts) when wukong deal this to 5 with one ult for example or malphite and etc . Also, how he can outtrade mobile targets in late or warriors like jax? Ye, he have ult on self heal but without attack speed, it can be realized only in mid game. P.S. If im not right in subjective part, first two questions can be discussed at any elo, i guess
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