Why League is getting worse : ....

hi iam playing league since season 1 and my top elo was season3 diamond. this is a smurf because my main is permanently banned on this board (not ingame). reasons why league is getting worse: - dynamic queue, iam not talking about the "role picking" or the "pick/ban-phase",...iam talking about the system behind dynamic queue. its just awefull....ranked is supposed to be meaningfull and not "lets go 4 premade and shit on everything"...and solo-q player is fucked in this chase because noone will even consider to talk to him. - lies about solo-queue, they promised us solo-q,....but they just lied to us.... in patch 6.10 they just confirmed that solo-q wont come back. - masteries,.....well the game-balance is just gone.....with the new masteriesystem champions are dealing to much dmg.....the impact a keystone has is why to high..... and please dont say "but dude, everyone has the same masteries = balanced"......no its not. if everyone has a "press 1 button to kill", will this be balanced ? i guess not. the game was not made to be that "fast-paced", and riot is currently trying to build arround the masteries with champion nerfs/buffs. - itemization is awefull.... lets take a look at some items...riot just has no idea how to make items balanced....they are trying but its not working, rageblade was op as fuck in early s6, and right now its total garbage. or the new trinity force......btw trinity had a 150% sheen proc back then, and was still considered strong or the remove criitrate, and increase the aspd.....why ? - champion balance.... welcome to volibear going FULL tank and still dealing 600 dmg with a skill.... or yasuo getting his powerspike at lvl 2 and never losing it. or hecarim, insane dmg output and insane selfheal, and thanks to the spaghetti netcode you cant flash his charge (not ulti), <- for example you can flash fizzs charge (dmg) - community worse than ever, with riot decission to let a programm judge over humans behaviour....well thats bullshit, because trolls and feeder are getting full immunity thanks to that. and the standart player who falls for them will get angry and start flaming them,.... and if is done, the troll wins, because he will report you, the system will judge you as guilty, and you will get the penalty, the troll who made all this happen will stay untouched. with this system continueing, the community with "normal" players will be gone, and whats left? the trolls.... If you dont believe me....my account was untouched (penaltys) until the end of season 4. and thats when every went down hills with this community. just answer yourself. did the community got better or worse ? Or just answer yourself.....did the game get better or worse ? in my opinion, the game get worse. RIOT open your eyes.!!
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