Bad teammates or just unlucky..

Soryy for my english not my main.Posted this like many others because i dont understand 1 think and im very veryyy confused.Im plat was plat 2 god demoted easy(more then 7 8 times)Now im plat 5.The question is riot is trolling? I mean to do a simple example:Top enemy pick irelia.3 games against irelia my team picked ekko.. malph...and poppy.All 3 games irelia won.My team pick irelia 5 games.. counted all i swear.She lost top all 5 games..Mid kata against zed.Zed should easy rekt kata agreed..My team kata lose hard its ok i understand.My team zed 4 games he all 4 lost ...Lets not say about bot or jungler its the same think.So my point is..To win you have to carry very very hard.. because if you not youre gonna lose or its riot that doesnt care about you and just let you sit in low elos long time..Few ppl are in diamond master etc.. More luckily ive seen streams games nothing special even for them no big plays..So i really wanna know im the only 1 who gets this.?I am so unlucky??Or just happens to evryone...Cuz if i dont carry then im just losing all games.. even if i play support i must carry..Its so confused..Its like you must do evrything and your team just get carried all games..I didnt get carried once i swear..Fizz top lost against akali like in 15 mins 10 kills for akali..I carried as sion support i did tank and my stuns was perfect but i tryed so hard that i lost my minds..So i really wanna know if this game is just luck.. or im very very unlucky..As a good friend of mine says:dont exist good players.. but from 2 teams 1 must win no matter what.ITS TRUTH??
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