a champion that you never played before should not be allowed in ranked games.

Hello everyone. So today i wanted to play ranked to continue my journey from gold 4 to bronze 5 because as people will say 'OH YOU ARE JUST BAD'. But without mentioning all the reasons why i'm losing, Can you please not allow players to play a champion that they never played before? like seriously, It's just so much for me to handle people playing champions for the first time in ranked because 'normal games are easy for me!'. and they feed the hell out of the enemy team under the excuse 'It's my first time playing (insert the champion name)'. it's just so annoying that i lost like 30 games and only won like 3 or 4 this month. some games was lost because i gave up on trying to win a losing game, but some of them are just completely out of hand. I'm not a smurf to simply carry 4 players that lost hope to win a game. Specially when someone is playing a champion for the first time...
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