Hitboxes are still bullshit after all this time

How come this game has been live for so long, yet hitboxes are still complete bullshit? Every patch you fix some bugs, give nerfs and buffs to champs who need them (sometimes), release new champs, rework others and waste all your budget on skins which is ok since i know that where your money comes from. What I'm not ok with, is getting hit by {{champion:99}} and {{champion:25}} qs when I'm not even on the same side of the lane of their skillshots. I will be completly honest with you, hitboxes in this game are one of the biggest frustrations I face when trying to have fun. I think that your game would be a lot more atractive if you dedicated some time to hiboxes and fixed those messed up. And don´t you come with that talk of "you see hitboxes are like a circle in this game and you need to think of your champs feet only when dodging" that's non sense. If all hitboxes were like that then why the hell champs like {{champion:81}} {{champion:245}} and reworked {{champion:266}} have accurate hitboxes (at least i have never seen them bugging) when {{champion:122}} e sometimes misses in front of you and other times it fcking hits you 3 kilometers away. I´m not telling you to fix the hitboxes and leave the champs alone, I know that {{champion:99}} without her messed up q would probably not even be a champ anymore, buff the champ damage to make up for her skills hitboxes adjustement. I know that I would by far prefer facing a lux that won the fight because she predicted my movements and bursted me down then losing the fight becuz her spells are buged. I'm using {{champion:99}} as an example here but there are a lot of champs who would benefict from an healthy hitbox fix. Sry for the possible mistakes but I lost all my text after the first time i wrote it cuz my computer trolled me, if you would be kind to tell me if you spot any errors I apreciate it, English is not my native language and i m too tired to edit this now. Tell me on the comments down below any hitboxes that you find ridiculous and your opinion on the matter. I would really like it if we managed to somehow get rito attention at this.
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