Kayn Buffs? - Shadow form

{{champion:141}} loves being in the shadows, but he has been a bit too **overshadowed** by other champs who get straight to the point Ahem- {{champion:56}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:28}} who deliver what he does with more ease. I feel Kayn should get more pay off for the risky plays he sometimes has to commit to in shadow form, for example taking down a squishy target then moving onto the next one with ult because hes kinda useless running around in a team fight- as usually building glass cannon is a staple. if there is not a wall nearby your options are really limited plus you cant just dart in and out like the champs mentioned above. I feel his ult should be more impactful when using it. U think his ult functions like an execute but alot of the time it leaves them on 1 hit for some reason, leading to awkward chase backs and derpy game-play (I tried to finish an ashe on low hp yet it doesn't for some reason maybe its bugged). Maybe either a flat buff on the damage? or an execute feature on the ult so its not useless, or a second effect like zed Ult where it pops his R currently feels really lackluster for such a important part of his kit. Plus the fact he is never seen in proplay says alot, about how obvious of a champ he is but how he might need a push like Diana to break into the light.
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