My opinion on everything that is currently wrong with League of Legends.

Ok, so this is my opinion, and will be a long thread most probably. Don't get angry if you see something you don't agree with, if you have any valid points against mine then simply post them in the comments and i'll discuss it with you. I want this to be an argument free thread. This is a thread for discussions only. Thank you. So lets get started. 1. **The community** - This is something that everyone already knows and has encountered and encounters almost every game. Everyone has experienced and has done it before. I'm talking about being toxic, trolling, tilting, flaming, and just all in all being terrible people. Not gonna deny it, i've flamed and when I go 20/0 but lost due to a teammates or the whole teams mistake, I do flame BUT! What I've realised is that people tilt so goddamn easily that it's not even funny. **dies twice** "Afk", like this community is one of the weakest communities i've ever been in when it comes to mentality. I've been playing since Season 1 and this community is just going downhill. Don't know if it's because over the past years Riot has made the game easier in some aspects of the game, such as timers and skill shot indicators and so on, but people are getting bigheaded and then get tilted like crazy because they don't expect a game to go their way. 2. **Matchmaking** - Now some people might disagree with me on this one, but to be honest the matchmaking compared to before season 6 is shocking, it's awful. I don't really understand how it's fair on players who are doing well to get put up with people of a higher skill level. Yes, you get more LP but what's the point if you have less of a chance of winning? In my opinion the MMR system is broken and needs fixing. People should climb and destroy people of the current skill level that they are at. Making it fair on people who actually deserve to be higher than they already are. Also everything just seems rigged in my opinion. For some reason I've noticed a patern with the win loss of most people and it goes like this: - 50/50 of wins and losses - Win streak - 50/50 of wins and losses - Losing streak - Repeat - Obviously most people have more of a winstreak or something like that. Well it's just theory, I just hate the fact that a Gold 1 player can be put up with either a Silver 1 player or a Plat 1 Player. Seems kinda silly to me. As I said no matter your win loss ratio or anything of the sort you should be playing against and with people of the same skill level as the current division you're in. 3. **League of Balance** - Now obviously the sub heading is full of sarcasm. One of the biggest problems in League of Legends is Balancing of items/champions/gameplay and so on, because every time Riot tries something new or tries to balance something out, it just becomes unbalanced, it just seems like everything that Riot try to do just doesn't work for them. I mean why does the Public Beta Environment even exist? It's there to test new changes and so on, yet mostly every patch something either gets absolutely put 6 feet under or something becomes a god tier champion or item. Don't make it an excuse that there's not enough time to test out the beta patches, because when it comes to the live version people find whats balanced and unbalanced, new builds, new gameplay, new tactics and so on in under a week, so time is 100% not an issue. For example ADC has been falling since the start of season 6 and now it is in the grave. Everytime Riot makes a change it just ruins the game more for some reason. 4. **Champions and Kits** - One of the biggest negatives about this game are champions that have a easy to play kit such as Yi, Annie, Trynda, Yas and so on have such a huge DPS throughout the whole game that it's just not fun to play against them. Riot has given kits to champions that make them so easy to play yet they also give them high DPS, so it just makes the champion brain dead. Take annie for example, Huge AOE Ultimate and a Q both VERY easy to hit, and both enough to kill a squishy. Take Syndra for example, one of the most fight changing ultes is a point click. I honestly think that every mechanic which is game changing or fight changing should become a skill shot. Just like Veigars Q got changed to a skillshot, annies Q should become a skillshot. Syndras Ult can become something like a Lucain Ult or empowered Heimer W. Things like maos W should be a skill shot, massive CC skills should be skillshots. 5. **Items** - I think that currently there is a lack of variety in terms of itemization for each role, there always has to be a certain build for a certain role, for example every Fighter in Top or Jungle just build Lethality and face roll 1v5, but that's not the point. The point is that there should be items which are specially created and can only be used by certain roles. So for example take Runaans Hurricane, the passive only works for ranged champions, my idea is almost the same, but instead of just it being for a passive or the requirements needed are Melee or Ranged, they should make items which are only for Marksmen, or only for Supports, or only for Fighters and so on, so only that certain role can build that item. So for example if you take QSS, and instead of being available for use by everyone, you make it only available to Marksmen or something along those lines. At least, I think it would fix a lot of balance problems in League. - Edit1: 6. **Micro and Macro mechanics** - Okay, this is a huge problem that i've had to encounter almost every game that i've played this season. People can be so good Micro wise, but when it comes to Macro mechanics, it's non existent. Seriously, people can go 20/0 but have 0 idea about how to end a goddamn game. Instead of grouping and winning the goddamn game, people want to go farm jungle and get stronger for no reason, literally just letting the enemy turtle and farm up to have a bigger chance at a comeback. I don't really understand how people have little knowledge about finishing a game. Or what lane to push. The amount of times i've pinged that nash is up soon so we should push the lane closest to Nash, but no everyone goes to the other side of the map, the enemy goes Nash recalls and aces us and we lose. The amount of games i've lost because of silly throws and stupid mistakes and just because the team decided to prolong a already won game. Please guys, go to youtube and just learn some Macro Mechanics. Please! I think that's it, if I've missed anything then i will edit the thread and update it but until then this is what i've experienced as a player since season 1 and what in my opinion needs changing or is just a constant problem. Any one is free to express their opinions, but please make sure to provide some points if you want to discuss something instead of "Youre stupid" and nothing else. Thanks. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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