%%%%ingg Silver elo Trollers....!!!

My Dear Riot this season is so %%%%ingg baddd im in silve elo i play really well in all game but always my side in trollers some game are iron players. im silver 2, support iron 2 what kind of mmr calculate this game now is like garbage you guyz plz think low elo people you guyz always think high elo people we waste time and play all time this game but now i %%%%ingg hate this game....some kind of smurf are runed our game the ypla yrivern or some kind of 1v9 champ.....but one or match my side did't find smurfs always play my side like lvl 30 promo account, no mastery champ, first time champ wtf this game......you guyz need quick thsi mmr calculation becuse more of low elo good players now hate this game.....becuse the ycan't climbed soo becuse they don't have like diamond skill they have gold or silver skill but they all day demote they hate play this game right now...plz fix only silver players can play with duo slver players plz don't give iron or bronze players can play with silver plz fix this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......becuse this game is my life plz help us......finally sorry about my english.....thank you so much i think riot think about us.......

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