PBE Sona

although i know that these changes to {{champion:37}} aren't permanent ..i still have to say the cooldowns that the ult gives is totally fucked up ! the ult will passivly grant her CD on her QWE , 20% at rank 1 - 30% at rank 2 - and 40% at rank 3 if you combine that with the CD coming from items/runes/buffs witch is a maximum of 45% you will get 85% !! What they did ther is that they took one of Urf's most powerfull picks and and put it in the clasic/normal game mode . i Am a {{champion:37}} main and i know that she has a problem with Cd but the extra 40% cd is OverPowered , i think that instead they should lower the cd to 10/20%
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