Punish Afk Rage Quitters harder please!!!!!!!!!!

iv had 6 Afks in the space of 11 games (ranked) demoted from plat 1 to plat 3. now i dont know if its me or what (iv been using mute all a lot recently) now i understand life happens but pairing these ragequits and afks should be easy when u put them into chat logs.... its starting to become tiresome really and really is quite %%%%ing me off. never really had to deal with Afks but 6 in a row is kinda taking the piss. edit : OFC im not suggesting the 1st time or even second time offense to be punished because rage quitters dont just do it 2 times.... they do it numerous times , some times even just staying in the game to avoid afk timer.... so yes these kinda people that go out of their way to carry on producing toxic behavior even, should be instant banned, now if ur a legit player you should have nothing to worry about..... and these kinda players should never be excused or promoted in anyway these guys are worse than flamers and personally should be treated/ punished even harder, because it spoils the game for 4 other people, at least toxic people still play, these guys just flat out rage quit.. and tbh if they dont wanna play the game just perma ban them

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