Honorable opponent

Recently i played a game in which enemy team had a player that was really nice (he was friendly, non toxic, made a couple of jokes in all chat etc.) and i wanted to honor that player after the game because he made it so so much better. But then i remembered that he was on the opposing team and it got me wondering why wasn't honorable opponent kept with the new honor system. I wont even pretend to understand the algorithm that honor system uses and the way that honorable opponent would affect it, but i don't think it would be such a drastic change since first honor 5 i saw was in the early summer and i got it in late july. But it would be really nice if it was add again because there are sadly quite a lot of toxic players in league and sometimes, very rarely but sometimes an enemy and not a teammates makes the game more enjoyable. **SO WHY NOT GIVE THAT PERSON SOME KIND OF REWARD?!** It might even make the game less toxic if there was some kind of reward for being more sportsmanlike and not typing ,,_EZ,NOOB,GIT GUD,?_" in all chat everything you got kill or enemy _misplayed,died_ or it could be even a separate thing from new honor system and have other rewards. What do you guys think?
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