Kha'Zix QoL thoughts.

As a guy who lays a lot of Kha'Zix, I noticed that there is a quite significant delay between his Q animation and the damage being applied. I wonder if this is actually an intended feature or if it's just there and that's it. It's especially noticeable when someone flashes/dashes away or enters a bush you have no vision of; the animation will go off, but they won't take the damage, and you will stop there like if you forgot what you were doing. I personally find that it makes the champion feel a little bit clunky and unreliable at times. Like I said, I would like to know if it's an intended feature, because I personally think if the animation was faster or the damage was applied instantly, the champion would feel a lot better to use. On to his W, I think it is a bit slow travelling. I think considering you have to stop to cast it, I would like it to either have a bit more range or travel a bit faster. Also I think it would be a lot better if the animation was updated to look better and more clear. About his E instead, I always wanted to point out how ridicuolus it is that you can be knocked up while flying. That doesn't make any sense. And this is also true for Rek'Sai while burrowed. I'm not saying that they should be untargetable, but I think they should only be allowed to be hit by projectiles, and not melee attacks or knock-ups. (Example: I think it makes sense for Blitzcrank's grab to catch him even if he's flying, but I don't thin his knock-up punch should work on him while he is in mid-air.) Also, the damage on landing is quite ridicuolusly low IMO xD And then his ult, again, I would like to see the animation reworked for clarity. I find it's a bit hard to understand when exactly you come off stealth if you are not attacking. Also entering stealth looks a bit weird and could be done better. I also think his movement speed buff could be bumped up a bit, since the damage reduction was removed, it could then use extra mobility in teamfights to get out of the way. Also I think his auto attacks, especially the ones that are empowered by his passive are a little bit slow and clunky. I wouldn't mind an animation speed-up. I will say I am a bit partial to him, as he's one of my favourite champions, but I think these changes would mostly be QoL and not really impact the game if not for how they feel to the user. Let me know what you think. Upvote if you want Rito-senpai to notice me. Change is goooooood. {{champion:121}}
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