Just tried most major comps. (Too test if someone was actually better than the other)

And my result where that none is better than the other. I went full knight, absolutely smashed gunslingers and glacials. I went demons, and absolutly smashed Blademasters and Glacials. And people constantly flame on TFT "Glacials and Gunslingers are OP, pick them or lose" Fk that, I win as every other comp just as much as I win with those "op" comps. It's all just depends on how much you invest in x comp, and which champions outpace the others. For example, Lissandra is really good atm, so good you can take her over ashe if you want to some glacials in your comp. And Vayne + Graves are both seriously strong, then we have Assassin Kassadin who can rek everyone.
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