Flex queue is a failed concept and here's why

Flex queue is actually a system that isn't logical whatsoever, First of all i want to point out the fact that the matchmaking of flex queue is HIGHLY unbalanced even after the "fix" which is an almost non-existant fix. Second, why remove dynamic queue when flex queue is actually the same thing except that it has big MMR and balance issue? Why not just keep it to 5V5, 3V3 and SOLO/DUO? All these changes only make the game worse, all flex queue does bring is toxicity and demotivation, wether you are winning or not you still get alot of toxicity in flex queue and here's why, when gold gets matched in a game with diamonds who sometimes have better knowledge of the game it cannot work since the gold player will get flamed if he doesn't do the right things to do and follow the calls etc... You cannot match a gold player with a diamond player in a competitive way because the skill and knowledge gap is just huge between those two, also you can climb just because you've had good games in placement and end up playing with players that are way too skilled for you... Basically the balance is just not present and it only brings negativity, frustration and toxicity, for instance i've had a game on my main account where i had 3 gold players and one plat against 3 diamonds and two plat... How is that fair? And since the skill gap is just too huge the gold players couldn't keep up flamed eachother instead of playing, i've had 5 games in a row, 5 were the same way wether we were winning or not, only flame in team and All chat not to mention the players who get discouraged as soon as they see that they're up against higher elo... So what's the point of this? It affects the gameplay and the behavior of players, why not just bring back solo queue as it was planned atleast? Solo queue was meant to come back yesterday, where is it? Why can't RIOT just tell us the truth and stop playing with our emotions, for me honestly Flex queue just ruined the game for me it just ruined my experience and made me so impatient for solo q, realizing how much better solo q was... The only good thing i can tell about flex queue is that some players get better from playing it because there's all kind of elo, but its problematic at the same time. So here's my rant about flex queue, and my disappointement in RIOT not being honest with players, such a big company lying to their community... It's not cool at all and i hope we're gonna have some explainations, because my guess is they made this flex queue thing (which was meant for 5V5 before...) playable the same way dynamic queue was, so we could wait for them to work on solo q a bit longer... But the thing is, they gave us a date and did not respect it.
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