List of champions that should be removed

Anivia - i dont understand how can an anivia with no ap or items deal half hp of dmg with a targeted ability? Annie - you failed at balancing this champ so hard Brand - its just fkn broken EZREAL!!!!! fkn sick of his IG builds.. Q procing IG passive Fizz -> E zhonya E... fkn cancer champ Irelia unbalanced as fuk Jax - if you can't balance a champ just fkn remove it riot Rengar - kills you in 0.1s Shaco - I just cant stand playing against this tard cancer champ.. Teemo - why is this champion still in-game, only played by trolls and cancer Udyr - fkn unkillable dealing tons of dmg.. stun every fkn second.. speed, shields.. irritating as fuk its funny that most of this champs are relased in 2009.. when rito was very retarded

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