kalista needs passive bug fixing regarding slows and attack speed caps

Does Kalista Lose Attack Speed with Attack Move?
Due to crit ADCs dying on patch 8.11, I decided to bust out the Kalista. She (they?) might be strong right now but, is attack move click incorrect while playing her?
hi there, yesterday kalista got some buffs, which im fine with, but i dont really think thats what she needs right now. the main thing that turns me off from playing kalista is how her passive works with slows: right now slows translate into attack speed slows, because her jump distance scales with the tier of her boots, meaning that if you pass through a thresh wall for example you will stun lock yourself in flight for about a second with the next attack. adding an attack speed slow on top of that with malph or nasus almost completely disarms you. so if there is a champion with a long and reliable slow like janna for example, i would never pick kalista, since my items dont do what they are supposed to do... so lets find a solution for that: it would be much better to make **her jump distancescale with movementspeed and her flight time scale with attack speed.** that way she can maintain her actual attackspeed while slowed and still be affected by the reduced mobility, as it should be. to balance her mobility you would simply tweak the movement speed scaling on her passive or set it to a specific value. i also noticed that she has a soft attack speed cap while kiting (somewhere around 1.7 and 2.0), making lethal tempo much less effective on her in mid to late game. she attacks at normal speeds while standing still, less fast while kiting and for some reason much slower when spamming attack move. the youtube link shows what i mean in a test by Ajoscram (the interesting part starts 6:30 into the video). props to him for investing time into testing that. same applies to thresh btw. i know attack speed thresh is not a thing in ranked, but his attack animation and attack cooldown are also locked at around 1.2 attack speed while kiting and normal while standing still, which a is really annoying inconsistency. please fix that Riot, i want to add her into my champion pool :) (and also troll around with thresh in arams and arurfs)
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