Malz. After two months do you like him?

(sorry for my english it is not my native language) Malz was my main before 6.9 rework. And after 2 months i want to say - new malz is BAD. Mostly because lack of damage because we lost our on demand massive AOE damage skill. My only problem was "someone can break my ult" but i could live with it. Any way it is my decision when to use ult. And may be not a problem but "bad design" was that ult is not instant, for example you (malz) and ww used ult while running towards each another, and the result will be your (malz) ult on cooldown while WW attacks you. So only real fix we needed was INSTANT ULT. After rework. We got almost useless passive since in active fight it always "off". We got useless W, since voidlings can kill someone only 1v1 under ult (and only early game). Overall we have not enough damage and no survival abilities. We lost almost best AOE (W). So i ask you riots to revert malz back and make his ult instant. Or replace W with something useful like old AOE damage field or add AOE CC or AOE shield. At this moment we have only small AOE Q, 1 target E and 1 target R. What do other malz players think about it?
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