Fairly dissapointed

So I've been playing this game for 5 years now and I gotta express my frustration. The new system isn't friendly for the old players, everything is unbalanced and you changed too much of the actual game. I know it's your game and you can do whatever you want but if it wasn't for us, you would've been nothing so I expected more from Riot. I find it insulting that we have to buy a skin for a champ that most don't play with 150k BE that you can get from what, 1000 matches ? ( No idea actually). You can't create "trends" like those, the skin was few RP before, not 150k BE. The new runes, totally unbalanced, nothing makes much sense. You could've at least make them similar to the old ones ? Maybe ? I miss the old masteries, my whole play style was based on them and the old runes but in return, I got some BE, not enough to even buy a warwick skin tho. It feels like a big joke that only new players could possibly swallow it . Speaking of new players, they have all the runes from level 1, that's even more insulting for the ones that worked so hard to buy them and level up. There are all kinds of opinions but there are so many people that aren't pleased with the new system, it's crazy. I know some may disagree with my opinion and it's normal, I am not looking to argue with people over this subject but I can see the response from thousands of people towards the new system, only the ones that have the decency to show it on the forum. I have no expectations, I just wanted to express this because it's not okay and it feels like Riot really %%%%ed us.
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