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Hey guys. I have recently been think about this and thought I would share the idea with you so you can help it grow. I realise this probably will not get implemented into League but this is the kind of thing I enjoy and I really wanted to share it with you and get your opinions. Please leave ideas and suggestions on how I can improve this idea in the comments section. Every time you suggest something I think is good I will reply to you and add it into this main post. As well as posting a comment detailing what I have added and removed. Thanks and enjoy!! ____________________________________________________________________________________________ **About this champion:** Magnus is a champion who has a lot of CC capability. While he does not deal much damage, his passive mixed with item builds and his other abilities can set up some very easy kills. Magnus gains his strength as a jungler through his stuns and slows as well as being able to blink in instantly on a champion. Magnus is highly reliant on his passive as his abilities rely on it do deal higher amounts of damage. In lane, Magnus is a capable farmer allowing opportunities to bully opponents in the lane. His ult deals heavy burst magic damage and is extremely useful in team fights. His ult deals the most damage of any of his other abilities and the CC combined with it makes for great team fights. Magnus has no mana or energy, thus the long cooldowns on his abilities. 1 or 2 CDR items can highly increase his strength in the laning phase. Magnus is by nature a rather squishy champion. If you look at the statistical breakdown in the comment below you will notice that he does not gain magic resistance as he levels up, much like all other mages in the game. He has no defensive ability and relies heavily on his teammates to defend him, so that he can shine in team fights. Magnus scales with AP, making him very strong in the late game. When playing Magnus, always consider buying an early Liandry's Torment as the magic penetration stat mixed with the passive can highly increase damage output in the lanes. As all of Magnus' damage, including his basic attacks (view passive) is magic damage, magic penetration is one of the most important builds on him. Magnus is very capably at kiting as he can silence and stun opponents easily. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ **Champ name:** Magnus **Faction:** Piltover **Friends: ** Heimerdinger, Tristana, Jayce **What this champ is about:** Magnets **Build:** Mainly AP/CDR build **Type:** Mage **Lane:** Mid lane but is also a capable jungler **Level 1 Stats:** * Health: **529 *** * HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: **6.9*** * Resource: **Magnets (See Passive)*** * Range: Mage - **550*** * Attack Dmg - **49*** * Base Attack Speed - **0.72 (Attack delay = 0 (0.625))*** * Armor - **32*** * Magic Resist - **30*** * Movement Speed - **335*** There are many complicated formulas for statistic growth. I have done the math and listed all the stats for every level in a comment below. Please view that. Guys, I am human, so my math may be a bit off. But if I have made a major mistake please inform me in the comments. All the formulas and statistics needed to work out every level are in that comment. I have done some rounding off on decimals that go on for a while. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ **Abilities:** **Passive (Magnetism)-** Magnus' passive is his main source of damage and mobility. Every 12/10/7 (Level 6, 11 and 18 respectively) seconds he generates a magnet (Secondary Resource Bar). Using an ability on an enemy champion, enemy minion or neutral monster places a magnetic field on them for 8 seconds, which consumes 1 charge of magnetism. Magnus can have a maximum of 25 magnets at one time. This effect does not stack and will not use a magnet if the targeted champion already has this effect. Magnetism can be removed with Clense and blocked by spell shields. Basic attacking or using an ability on an enemy champion while they already Magnetism active on them will not increase the duration of the passive. You must replace the passive when it expires on them. Basic attacking champions, minions or monsters with Magnetism active causes them to take an extra 20 (+ 15%/20%/30% AP) magic damage on hit. __________________________________________________________________________________ **Q - (Magnetic Barge)** Fires a skillshot dealing magic damage and silences champions with Magnetism active. Range: 1100, Speed: 2300, Type: Pass Through Effect. Deals magic damage to all units in the skillshot range. Any champion affected by magnetism when Magnetic Barge hits will be silenced for 2 seconds and take the magic damage. Minions and monsters are not affected by the silence. This ability applies magnetism on hit consuming 1 charge of magnetism per enemy hit. Cooldown - 15/14/13/12/11 seconds. Magic Damage Dealt: 40/50/65/85/105 (+ 35% AP). Deals double damage to minions and monsters. ______________ **W - (Attraction) Type: Slow** - Magnus increases his magnetic attraction pulling enemies towards him. He creates a cone in front of him that slows enemies when they enter it. The slow area lasts for 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds and slows for 3 seconds after they leave the area. The cone goes at a 70 degree angle and is flat at the furthest point from Magnus. Magnus can move around while this effect is active moving the slow area with him. Enemies further away have a more effective slow. The cone is divided into 3 layers (See visual aid). Magnus deals 20/30/40/50/60 (+ 25% AP) magic damage per second to enemies in the slow area with Magnetism Active. This ability does not apply Magnetism. Cooldown - 13/12/11/10/9 seconds. **Layer 1 slow: 10%/15%/20%/25%/35% Layer 2 slow: 20%/25%/30%/35%/45% Layer 3 slow: 35%/40%/45%/50%/60%** [Visual Aid]( _____________________________________ **E - (Magnet trap/Magnetic Pull)** Targeted spell. When Magnus targets the ground he is able to place Magnet Trap. When he targets an enemy champion with Magnetism active he will cast Magnetic Pull. Range - 600. Cooldown - 10/9/8/7/6 seconds. **Magnetic Trap - ** Places a ground-targeted area of effect trap that when stepped upon deals 50 magic damage (+ 30% AP) to all enemies in circle with a radius of 200. All champions, minions or monsters affected by the trap will be slowed for 20%/25%/30%/35%/40%, seen and will have Magnetism put on them. This consumes one charge of Magnetism per enemy/neutral monster hit. Traps cannot detonate when Magnus is dead. Traps take 1 second to arm and stealth and grant sight of the area while armed. Traps have 1 health and can be targeted by spells and basic attacks. The traps will not apply magnetism when Magnus has none left but the damage will still be dealt. Magnus can have a maximum of 5 traps down at once and traps last for 5 minutes. **Magnetic Pull - **Magnus targets an enemy champion, minion or neutral monster with Magnetism active, blinks for 0.5 seconds and re-appears next to them. Magnus is untargetable during the blink and stuns the enemy champion he targeted. When he re-appears he deals 10/20/30/40/50 (+35% AP) and stuns the targeted champion for 1 second. ____________________________________________________________________ **R - (Reversed polarity)** This is a point blank AOE spell. Magnus deals magic damage to all units in a circle (Range 600) around him and pulls in units with Magnetism. Magnus deals 100/200/350 (+60% AP) magic damage to all units in a circle around him. If a unit with Magnetism is in the cast range Magnus will pull them towards him (Airborne) (similar to {{champion:53}}), dealing an extra 50/100/150 (+85% AP) magic damage. Units that are pulled receive a 90% slow lasting 3 seconds and have their Armor and Magic Resist reduced by 10/15/25. Spell shields will block this ability completely. {{item:3116}} Will apply a 40% slow for 1 second. Cooldown - 130/110/100 Seconds ___________________________________________________________________ **Build Ideas:** **Jungle Summoner's rift:** Starting items: {{item:1041}} {{item:2031}} {{item:3340}} Early: {{item:3706}} {{item:3113}} {{item:1001}} Essential: {{item:3020}} {{item:1402}} {{item:3151}} Offensive: {{item:3089}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3135}} Situational: {{item:3116}} {{item:3157}}{{item:3091}} Consumable: {{item:2033}} {{item:2139}} {{item:2043}} **Mid Lane Summoner's rift:** Starting items: {{item:1082}} {{item:2031}} {{item:3340}} Early: {{item:1001}} {{item:3136}} {{item:1057}} {{item:2033}} Essential:{{item:3020}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3001}} Offensive: {{item:3135}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3285}} Situational:{{item:3091}} {{item:3157}} ___________________________________________________________________________________________ **Counter Items:** {{item:3102}} The spell shield will block a number of Magnus' abilities {{summoner:1}} Removing Magnetism or other effects can turn around a trade {{summoner:6}} Running away during the slow can also be useful _______________________________ **Gank combo:** For a gank: Go into the brush nearby the lane and line up you Q. Once you have gotten the stack of Magnetism on the enemy, use your E to blink in and land the stun on them. Magnus does not have much damage so building attack speed can be useful for delivering high damage output ganks. Wit's End is good for this as it synergizes with the extra magic damage dealt with the passive. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

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